A Springboard to Success

Kids of this age are still growing like crazy, but now each is developing at a unique pace. Thatʼs why our gymnastics program for grade school boys and girls is a little different than that of our younger members. Classes have been segmented to allow for gender-specific disciplines and varying developmental abilities, giving students the chance to tackle new challenges at their own skill level. Celebrated with cheers and high-fives, each new achievement leads to newfound confidence, determination and a desire to continue improving.

Three-Dimensional Learning:

Get MovingGet Moving! Advanced balance, flexibility and power through gymnastics training, endurance, agility and rhythm, specific gymnastics skill proficiency


Brain BoostBrain Boost! Maintaining attention and sustained concentration, increased problem-solving and the ability to follow more complex directions


Citizen KidCitizen Kid! Improved confidence in social settings, active group participation, learning to manage emotions, increasing willingness to take on leadership roles


We offer seven challenging gymnastics classes for grade school-aged children:

Flips: 6 – 12 years, beginning girls
Twisters: 6 – 12 years, intermediate girls
Aerials: 6 – 12 years, intermediate/advanced girls
Jets: 6 – 12 years, advanced girls

Hot Shots: 6 – 12 years, beginning/intermediate boys
Flic Flacs: 6 – 12 years, advanced boys

Tumblers: 6 – 12 years, all skill levels