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Like Your Own Personal Trainer

How would you like to have skilled professionals help you develop your entrepreneurial muscles, build your confidence and lower your stress! That's our Consultant Team.

New Business Consultant Your lifeline during your pre-opening phase. Your consultant will guide you through the whole process including finance, real estate, training and marketing.

Operations Consultant Your guide to help fast-track your business growth. Their goal is to ensure you get off on the right foot with your children's franchise and that the kinks are worked out of your marketing, operational and financial systems.

Field Consultant Your mentor for the long-haul. As your business matures, you will need practical advice and best practices. Our Field Consultants are other current owners whose track records are exceptional and insights are invaluable.

Your consultant stays in touch to discuss day-to-day operations and issues. They will visit your gym annually for an extensive facility review and hands-on guidance. Best of all, their mentoring continues throughout your ownership.