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Being a mom is one of the most rewarding, yet exhausting, experiences. Moms are baby feeders, tear wipers, house managers, fun planners, book readers, you name it… moms do it! All of the jobs a mom does make it easy to put off implementing self care, let alone think about it! Busy moms we hear you! But you can’t pour from a cup that isn’t full. It’s important to take time for you and to fill your cup. Whether you’re a working mom, or a stay-at-home mom, we’ve got 4 self care ideas for busy moms.

  1. Schedule an MNO (Mom’s Night Out). It’s important to take time for YOU and to have a fun night out with friends. Whether you’re attending a movie, going to dinner, seeing a comedy show, or happy hour at the wine bar down the street, regular evenings away from the chaos will help you connect not only with yourself, but also those around you. So, text your girlfriends, pick a date, leave the diaper bag at home, and enjoy your well-deserved, kid-free hours.
  2. Get Moving! Physical activity does wonders for the body and mind, but it can be hard to make the time to do it when you’re a busy mom. Getting active can help you feel happier, improve memory, increase energy levels (yes!), and help you live a longer, fuller life. So, it’s important to make physical activity a priority. Whether you take the occasional yoga class, enlist yourself in a 5K, stroll with the stroller, or hit the gym, exercise will help you feel like a whole new woman.
  3. Make  Getting More Zzz’s a Priority. Easier said than done, but it’s important to try to get as much sleep as possible. The term ‘sleep like a baby’ didn’t make itself! Did you know that people who get less than six hours of sleep each night experience increased appetite, foggy memory, and lethargy? Mama, you know that sleep is precious so make it a point to focus on yours!
  4. Schedule Dedicated Mom Time. It can often feel impossible to do something for yourself when you’re #MommingSoHard, but it’s important to make time for YOU. Leave the kids with your spouse, grandma, the sitter, or a local The Little Gym, and treat yourself to a regular pedicure, movie, or even a solo-trip to the grocery store. Busy mom, take time to fill your cup in whichever way feels right.

Remember, self care isn’t selfish, Mama. Make it a priority to take time for YOU!