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Summer break is just about to start… which means the kids are going to be out of school for a whole 3 months (cue excitement and anxiety)! While your kid may look at summer break as an opportunity to hang out with friends, attend fun camps, and go swimming a lot (wow that sounds fun)) you know there is a chance they will lose a lot of what they learned over the school year. To keep the kids learning and to prevent “the summer slide” we’ve rounded up out 5 ways to keep the kids learning (and having fun) this summer.

  1. Sign up for a Summer Reading program. Many local libraries offer a free summer reading program for kids of all ages. The programs typically encourage children to either read a number of books or complete a number of reading hours and in return they win prizes – positive reinforcement, anyone? This is a great way to encourage reading and learning during the summer break! To find a local public library near you, click here.
  2. Got a green thumb? Time to garden! Planning, planting, and maintaining a garden is hard work; not only will it teach your child about responsibility and patience, it can also boost math and science skills. From building the garden space, to reading the seed packets, to figuring out how much soil to put in each pot, to tending to the garden – learning is constant! Bonus: Do some cooking with the harvest and help your kids use some of those math skills!
  3. Go on weekly excursions. Head out on the road this summer and experience all that your city or town has to offer; the local zoo, art and science museums, walking and hiking trails, and so much more! Each provides children with a different type of learning experience. These are great activities you can do more than once!
  4. Host a weekly family game night. Board games are not only fun but many games also encourage reading, writing, counting, and most importantly, thinking and strategy. Did we mention fun?
  5. Enroll in a Summer Camp Program that encourages learning. Summer programs, like The Little Gym offer high quality, age-appropriate, interest-driven summer programs designed to help children learn new skills and build self-confidence as they master challenges. To find a The Little Gym location near you, click here.
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