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While we’re still basking in the lazy (or not-so lazy) days of summer, the new school year is quickly approaching. For some kids starting a new school year can be difficult. Help prepare your child for the new school year with 5 things you can do this summer for going back-to-school.

  1. Get your child’s sleep routine back on track BEFORE school starts. There’s something about summer that cues a bit more leniency, but before we know it, the first day of school is tomorrow and your kid can’t fall asleep. That’s why it’s important to get your child back on a regular scheduled bedtime about 2 to 3 weeks prior to the first day of school to ensure they’re getting a restful night’s sleep and are able to wake up and have a great first day back.
  2. Be ahead of the game and register your child for their extracurricular and after-school activities, like The Little Gym! This way, your child can jump right into the new school year routine.
  3. If your child is riding the school bus for the first time this year, it’s best to prepare them ahead of time. Riding the bus for the first time can be scary for both you and your child. Check out these tips for preparing your child for their first school bus ride!
  4. Set up a homework nook! Having a designated area in your home for homework will help encourage your child to actually do their homework. Fill the area with school supplies and educational decorations like pencils, scrap paper, rulers, maps, and calculators.
  5. Brush up on summer reading. Any time that you can take with your child to read is great! If your child has been slacking on their summer reading list it’s about time to head to the library to pick up a few books. Schedule reading time each day to ensure your child is picking up on some much-needed knowledge before the school year starts.

Kid-focused activities like The Little Gym are a great option for busy families providing age-appropriate programs available after school, on weekends, and even summer break!

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