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Summer is around the corner and it is bringing its friends ‘Long Holidays’ and ‘What Do I Do All Day’ to the party! If you are wondering how to engage your little one in a fun and productive activity this summer, look no further! This March we bring you our exciting and super-thrilling-amazing-awesome Summer Camps! The summer camps are divided into Pre-K camps for children aged 3-6 and Grade School camps for children aged 6-12 and will be conducted for 9 weeks from the beginning of April to end of May at The Little Gyms near you!

The Pre-K summer camps for children aged 3-6 are called “Super Quest” and they offer a fun combination of Gymnastics and Art – Craft excitement followed by a healthy summer snack. The most exciting part of the super quest camps is the themes; the children explore the bounds of their imagination every day with a new class! Some days they are prowling, crawling and jumping dinosaurs, some days they are hand-standing farm-animals, some days they become stealthy ninjas and other days they hoola hoop in Hawaii.
The Little Gym’s three dimensional approach is reflected in the summer camps as well; attending camps five days a week helps with significant growth in Gymnastics as consistency and repetition is key to learning, the children revel in imaginative play while making friends and learning to work with teachers. With them engaged for 2 hours every day and learning so much, the super quest camps are a win-win!
The Grade School camps or our “Skill Thrill” camps are focused on awing and inspiring the children through gymnastics skills! Between the ages of 6 and 12. Children enjoy being taken seriously and emulating their sources of inspiration – their teachers. The skill thrill camps, run five days a week and a different class every day provide grade schoolers the opportunity to repeat, review and refine some serious fun skills! The consistency is great for skill development and growth and your little gymnasts are engaged through their afternoons!
Come on in and enroll your little gymnasts before 15th March to avail an early bird discount for anywhere between 2 and 9 weeks and let the summer fun begin!
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