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Whether your child’s medium is chalk on a sidewalk or crayons, it is almost always that he or she enjoys drawing. Along with other forms of expression like dance and storytelling, drawing has numerous developmental benefits.

1. Develops Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills include specialized movement of the hands, wrists, and fingers. As adults, we rely on fine motor skills when we type, drive, or even text. It is important for a child to develop strong fine motor skills at a young age. Holding and manipulating writing implements represents one of the best ways to improve a child’s fine motor skills.

2. Encourages Visual Analysis

Young children do not understand some of the concepts adults may take for granted, such as distance, size comparison, and textural differences. Drawing provides the perfect opportunity for a child to learn these concepts in a deliberate way.

3. Helps Establish Concentration

Most children enjoy drawing. This aids in encouraging them to concentrate: a trait that will, in future, be essential to their academic success.

4. Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

In addition to improving fine motor skills, drawing enables a child to draw connections between what he or she sees and what he or she does. This hand-eye coordination is important in athletic and recreational situations, as well as in academic scenarios.

5. Increases Individual Confidence

“Look what I made!” An expression bound to melt any parents’ heart! When the child has an opportunity to create physical representations of his or her imagination, thoughts, and experiences, he or she gains confidence. And loves the adulation from the parents!