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Most parents can attest to the fact that being a parent can be stressful. Whether you’re a working parent, or a stay at home parent, you’re constantly making sure everyone is fed, the house is tidy, and that everyone is where they need to be (mostly) on time. We’re exhausted just thinking about it! Here are some stress management techniques that parents and children can do together to reduce stress.

  • Break out the coloring books. Coloring books aren’t just for kids. In fact, coloring books for adults are available everywhere, and with good reason. Coloring is a form of art therapy that can lower stress and anxiety and help achieve mindfulness. So, the next time your child breaks out the crayons, grab yours too!
  • Spill the beans. Buy different types of dried beans (or break them out of the pantry) and place them in an extra-large bowl. Next, work with your child to separate the beans into different muffin tins. This simple activity engages fine motor skills, relieves stress, and will keep your child focused and quiet! This activity works best with kids 2.5 and older, but should still be fully supervised since beans could end up places that they shouldn’t be, like noses, and can be a choking hazard.
  • Get up and get moving. Grab a pack of jumbo sidewalk chalk and head outside for fresh air and creativity. Create a hopscotch board, practice writing the alphabet or different words, or play Pictionary. You can also make “chalk selfies” by taking turns outlining each other with chalk and then drawing silly features.
  • Have a dance party. This is a great opportunity to turn on your favorite The Little Gym tunes and dance the stress away! Kick it up a notch and play Freeze Dance by pausing the music and “freezing” when your child least expects it.
  • Want to give your couch cushions a break? Consider enrolling your child in programs where they can grow their physical skills, like The Little Gym. Your child will take part in imaginative learning, building physical skills while working on socialization, listening and following directions. If those aren’t enough to make you jump for joy, the long nap after class will surely do the trick. And let’s be honest, the well-deserved “Me Time” to relax and de-stress while they’re in class isn’t so bad either.
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