The world of kids ! The world of absolute make belief ! A world where dinosaurs roam free – where the gallant prince rescues his princess from the dungeon – where fairies roam around on their rainbows – and witches swoosh past on their brooms ! A world of bright and colorful imagination !

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The Little Gym differentiator

What sets The Little Gym Summer camps apart ?

Our summer camps have imaginative play as their magic potion ! Using funny directional music and voice driven activities , our summer camps encourage progressive skill growth through immersive and dynamic experiences!

Indulge your 3–6-year-olds in a Hawaiian hideaway !
Or have them go bonkers in a crazy carnival !
Or let them go on a hunt for the rainbow castle !
Or better still , be an undercover cop for five days !
For your 6–12-year-olds , our camps focus on the 3 R’s : the power of repeating , refining, and re-enforcing skills !
This summer , we’ve scheduled 8 weeks of intense gymnastic skill mastery through 8 creative themes !
Time for some serious moves this summer !


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